Housing 101 – First Steps

So you’d like to become a homeowner, huh? Well lucky for you it is truly simple on Nexus, as long as you don’t mind that your home will be floating far above the ground! This guide will get you up and running as quick as can be.

Where and When?

This tram looks like a tardigrade

This tram looks like a tardigrade

Housing unlocks as soon as you reach level 14. Just haul your carcass toward your major city quick as can be. Once you’re there, you’ll find a Protostar housing specialist who will point you in the right direction. If you don’t find your way to the housing display on your own, you can even snag a tram ride straight there! A short quest later and you’ll be standing on your new front lawn.

Looks a little lonely...

Looks a little lonely…

Now What?

You’ll have to come up with a name for your property. Don’t stress too much, you can rename it later if you choose (Protostar_voice: *for money*). You’ll also get to choose between 2 decor packs with some basic furnishings. By the time you’re 14 you may have already found some housing decor or FABkits from questing or challenges. Right-clicking on decor in your inventory will transfer it to your crate. The crate is where all of your “stuff” gets stored until you place it in or around your home. We’ll get to that soon, but first let’s build a house!

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

When you are at your housing plot, you’ll get an extra action bar with 6 icons on it. The first is “Landscape”. This interface lets you add pre-formed kits to your land. More importantly, the big blue square in the middle lets you choose your house. There’s only a couple options to begin with, depending on your faction. I will say that for the exiles, the Cozy Aurin House has an extra little room in it compared to the other two choices.

The second icon on the housing action bar is “Remodel.” From this panel you can change the look of your house, both interior and exterior. This includes things like floors, roof, wallpaper, and even your sky. The interface changes slightly depending on if you are inside or outside of the house.

The third icon is “Crate.” This is where all of your decor items are stored when they’re not out making your house look awesome. Selecting an item from the list allows you to see a preview, and once you are in edit mode, you can right click in the world to place your item.

The fourth icon is “Vendor.” This one is dangerous! Here you can directly purchase a wide variety of decor items for your home. Costs can be either in gold or in renown. Gold is obtained in the usual way via questing, killing stuff, selling goods, etc., while renown is gain from doing group activities or as rewards from things like completing challenges.

The fifth icon, “Toggle Edit Mode,”  is quite important. You need to toggle this on before you can start placing or moving decor on your property. Not knowing this has been a source of frustration to a lot of new homeowners, so don’t forget about it!

The final icon, “Escape,” returns you to the entrance pad to your property. This is handy if you get stuck anywhere at your home.

Much more cozy

Much more cozy

Well, this covers the very basics! I’ll be back again soon with some more details about placing decor, some tips and tricks, and information about the advanced tools! Until then, let me know what you think if you get a chance to check out the housing in WildStar’s open beta, now until May 18, 2014.

Why Housing?

Before I dive into trying to explain how to use the housing in WildStar, I figured I’d take a moment to tell you why I care so much about it. I’ve played other MMOs that have some form of player housing (Rift, LOTRO), but never got very excited about it before WildStar. What made the difference? Well let me tell you a story about that…

During one of the recent beta weekends, I found myself in front of the Protostar Housing building in one of the capital cities (Thayd). The videos were entertaining. The displays were intriguing. I had some random “decor” in my bags that I didn’t know what to do with. But I wasn’t quite high enough level yet, the quest to claim my own home stubbornly refused to activate for me.

So I went back out into the world. I quested and did challenges, and even got some more decor filling up my inventory. The instant I dinged 14 I raced back to the city and claimed my house. I was blown away by the deceptive simplicity of the system. With a few clicks I had a beautiful house and some pre-built plugs on my property that made it look occupied. Playing with the decor was fun and I could see some possibilities opening up.

Home is where the booze is

Home is where the booze is

The point at which the magic happened, however, was when the hails went out in chat. “Hey I got this house who wants to be my neighbor?” Over the course of a couple weekends, my guildies and I visited each other’s houses. We did challenges on the various plots different folks had activated. We got inspired by each other, and built cooler and cooler additions to our homes. We were getting game rewards for visiting friends, and we were getting more motivated to play with the housing system every time we saw new ideas in action. This was something special, something that never quite happened in other games for me. Plus all of it is integrated into a game that already compelling and fun outside of the housing. And that is why I am so very excited to share this game and this player housing system with you.

Hello World!

Or maybe more appropriately “Howdy, World!”

Just so we’re straight, the “Moonshine” in this blog’s title is most definitely about the beautiful moonlight shining down on my Protostar housing plot, and not the delicious homemade grain alcohol distilling in the shed around back. Ayup. 😉

Probably a Moonshine Still

Totally not a Moonshine Still

About this blog:

I’m Gracie and with a new-found love of Wildstar I’ll be sharing my experiences in Nexus with any and all passers-by. As of this writing, just following the final closed-beta weekend of Wildstar, I’m likely to be a Mordesh Spellslinger Explorer. In other MMOs I tend to heal butts, but so far I am really enjoying DPS so we shall see what role I end up with at launch. Prepare yourself for stories of questing, dungeons, pugs, and maybe even a little PvP.

Frankly none of that matters, though, since quests and battles are just a vehicle for making more gold to feed the true motivation for playing: Housing. The player housing in Wildstar hits a lot of notes exactly right for me, and I want to share my enthusiasm with the world!

More about me:

I have been immersed in nerd culture since I was a zygote (thanks mom!) and a gamer since the Atari days. I’ve been a MMO player since back in 2007 when I got high-speed internet, just after the release of World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade expansion. Over the years I’ve dabbled in quite a few MMOs but only got heavily invested in the endgame in WoW and SW:TOR (and now hopefully Wildstar!). I am likely to bring my experiences in these other games into my discussions.

IRL: I am a graduate student trying desperately to learn more about our planet’s oceans and then share what I learn. I may have semi-professional opinions or speculations about the wildlife on Nexus 😉

Keep your eyes on this space for some Housing 101 posts in the weeks leading up to the Wildstar launch!


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