‘Round the Neighborhood

I’ve been trying very had to avoid spoiling all of WildStar during the Beta. I’ve reach the early 20’s level-wise, and I’m not in any hurry to keep questing when I know I’m going to have to start over from scratch very soon. So instead I’ve been spending a lot of time just ramblin’ around.

WildStar gives you the option to make your house “Public” if you so choose. People who aren’t your neighbors can’t mess with your stuff, but they can see all the work you’ve put into your home. Importantly, visitors can also still do the various challenges, events and instances too.

I didn't feel right posting other people's work without their permission even if it was public, so you get a shot at my bar instead

I didn’t feel right posting other people’s work without their permission even if it was public, so you get a shot at my bar instead

Over the past few days I’ve visited at least a dozen strangers’ homes. I wandered by pretty much anyone on the public list who bothered to give their home a name other than the default. I’ve seen treehouses, skateboard parks, fabulous bars, and houses full to bursting with toilet paper. There was a restaurant, with perfect tables and chairs and a fireplace. A platform jumping puzzle that took me through a blizzard to a camp at the top of an impossibly huge tree. I even found one person who had built an entire 2nd home from scratch, with beautiful details down to flower boxes at the windows.

I’d also like to give a special shoutout to Petie, who was a complete stranger. He invited me to be his neighbor, and shared an amazing jumping puzzle with over 70 pieces, spread all across his entire property. I attempted it for about a half hour and he patiently hung out with me and gave me advice. Even though I never finished it because I’m terrible at platforming, I had a blast trying. Thanks Petie!

Here is my wish: I would love to be able to tell each of the folks who made something cool that I visited their house. That I saw their hard work and loved it. That they are doing something awesome. I could write down their names and send them an in-game mail, and eventually I may end up doing this because this hard work deserves praise. But I would love to have a guestbook to sign. Just something small near the quest board at your house’s entrance that lets me give my name and a virtual thumbs-up.

So that’s one of my biggest wishes for housing in WildStar. Have you seen anything cool or interesting on your journey? Is your house awesome and you want me to share it? Let me know in the comments!

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